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Breschi Zibellino Cashmere Fabric


Premium Quality Fabrics
Made in Italy



Dedicated exclusively to natural fibers,

Lanificio Breschi has developed a deep and concentrated knowledge of

the production of high quality fabrics.​ Our collections include a wide range

of fabrics produced with valuable fibres such as: 

Cashmere, Alpaca, Silk,Camel Hair, Mohair.

Lanificio Breschi has been providing fabric to the best names in Haute Couture

for over three decades. The close collaboration with our clients

stimulates us to develop ever new and original creations.

A combination of innovation and tradition ensures that the only limit to your

selection of fabrics is your own imagination.

Our Production is entirely made in Italy




In 1951 Guido Breschi began weaving with the belief that

creating fabrics was an art, and ever since has pursued  a policy of 

quality and innovation, respecting the old tradition of italian weaving.

Today, Breschi family carries on this tradition.

fabric Collections
Pure Cashmere & Noble Fibers


Cashmere is surely the noblest of all premium wools

and over the centuries has always been a precious and sought-after fibre. 

The Cashmere goat has very long, straight and

coarse hair but is characterized by a unique and precious undercoat. 

The undercoat is  characterized by an extremely soft hair which

is developed over the winter months in  order to protect

the animal from the cold and hard climate of the Plateaux. 

Once the undercoat has been worked we get the cashmere we all know.


The adorable Alpaca primarily resides in Chile,
Peru and Bolivia.The yarn made by this animal hair is considered soft as Lamb Wool but lighter. The yarn is warm, durable and extremely soft
Noble Fibers

The sourcing of raw material is our first duty. 

Over the years we have acquired a remarkable experience in finding the best fibers around the globe. We import raw fibre from all over the world: Cashmere from Mongolia, China and Iran, Virgin and LambsWool from Australia, Mohair from South Africa, Alpaca from Peru.


From Capra Hircus or the Cashmere Goat, this very fine wool has to be separated from the goat’s coarser hair, making it more laborious to process than other yarn. The result is extremely fine and luxury wool 

cashmere goat fabrics textile wool
merino wool fabrics textile
Merino Wool

From a special breed of sheep,

Merino Wool is known for being the softest of any sheep’s wool.

its insulation properties help regulate body temperatures,

providing warmth without 

overheating the wearer.

Lambs Wool Textile
Lamb Wool

From the first sheering

(around 7 months),

this shorter length wool comes from lamb and not the longer lenght adult sheep. Softer and more elastic than regular wool, it also very warm and durable

Alpaca Fabric Textile
The adorable Alpaca primarily resides in Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

The yarn made by this animal hair is considered soft as LambsWool but lighter. The yarn is warm, durable and extremely soft

mohair fibre textile
camel hair fabric
Mohair is called the diamond fiber and has many unique properties, including its durability, it is the most durable animal fiber. Mohair is warm in winter as it has excellent insulating properties, while remaining cool in summer due to its moisture wicking properties.
Camel Hair
Camel hair is the fibre obtained from the Bactrian Camel.
This type of camel is native to Turkey, China and Siberia. 

 Textiles from camel hair are some of the finest, 

humanely harvested animal

fibers in the world.   

Silk is a very special natural fibre. It is lustrous, and smooth,
drapes well and is very strong.
It's composed mainly of fibroin 
 and is produced by certain insect         larvae to form cocoons.
NON-ironing LINEN


This linen fabric is made with  a new generation treatment which works the fabric at a temperature of   -37°C  and makes thee fabric unalterable, while enhancing colour brilliancy, reducing creasing and obtaining a non-ironing result even after repeated washing.

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