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Pure Cashmere - The Fibre



Cashmere is surely the noblest of all premium wools and over the centuries has always been a precious and sought-after fibre. The cashmere goat mainly lives in the Tibetan Plateau,in the plateaux of North, China,Mongolia but also those of Afghanistan and Iran.

This goat has very long, straight and coarse hair but is characterized by a unique and precious undercoat.

The undercoat is characterized by an extremely soft hair which is developped over the winter months in order to protect the animal from the cold and hard climate of the Plateaux.

Once the undercoat has been worked we get the cashmere we all know.

The climate plays a very important role in the quality of the fibre, as a matter of facts goats, that live in places where the weather is very cold, have a finer and more precious undercoat.


The best time of the year for collecting the undercoat is May when the shepherds remove the hair with a metal toothed coarse comb in order to obtain the raw material.The raw material is then washed in water with natural soap, it is dried and then it has to rest for a while. Cashmere is very delicate fibre therefore requires only

natural products during the processing. In order not to alter its quality, resting times between 

one process and the other are also necessary.


At this stage the material is de-haired.This last step removes the coarse outer guard hair that 

might have been combed together  with the undercoat.At the end of 

this process,the flock is ready to be spun.

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