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In 1951 Guido Breschi began weaving with the belief that creating fabrics was an art, and ever since

has pursued  a policy of quality and innovation, respecting the old tradition of italian weaving.

Today, Breschi family carries on this tradition. Dedicated exclusively to natural fibers,

Lanificio Breschi has developed a deep and concentrated knowledge of the production of high

quality fabrics.​ Our collections include a wide range of fabrics produced with valuable fibres such as: 

Cashmere, Alpaca, Silk,Camel Hair, Mohair.

Lanificio Breschi has been providing fabric to the best names in Haute Couture for over three decades. 

The close collaboration with our clients stimulates us to develop ever new and original creations.

A combination of innovation and tradition ensures that the only limit to your

selection of fabrics is your own imagination.

Our Production is entirely made in Italy



The production of carded fabrics is divided into four main phases,

starting from raw material we obtain the finished fabric:

pure cashmere
Raw Material

We buy raw fibres all over the world: Cashmere

from Mongolia and Iran, Virgin and Lambs

Wool from Australia, Mohair from South Africa,

Alpaca from Peru.We select the fibres in our

warehouse and make the blends that will be

sent to the Spinning Department .

cashmere yarn


At this point the flock arrives

to the spinning, where it is spun
into our precious yarns. The spinning

has the purpose to homogenize the

blend, and to make the yarn clean, strong

and  with a constant yarn count.

weaving cashmere fabric

The weaving on orthogonal loom

works interweaving each other the 

warp yarns with the weft ones. The loom

permits to control the fastening,

the weave and the pattern requested

by the item. Our weaving department
permits extreme velocity and  
accuracy in the production.

fabric textile production
Dying and

The last step is the dying and finishing process. The finishing mill is provided of all departments able to ennoble the fabrics, from the milling to the crabbling.

We are specialized in special  treatments

such as Zibellino, beaver, drap.

Before the last phases of finishing such as: steaming, crabbling, kd crabbling, soft kd, calendering  our staff checks the fabrics for the last time.

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